Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome Springtime!

Spring is finally here and I for one is super excited. I have been spending lots of time in the yard and catching up with all the small details that I did not get to take care of at the end of fall last year. I am also looking forward to gardening and watching all my hard work from last year blossom into some beautiful flower beds. I also can't wait to get my herb garden going again. Just the thought of fresh basil and the aroma of thyme is making my taste buds tingle.

My husband Don and I spent a lot of time last year reworking our yard. We removed some much needed items and put to good use a huge pile of flagstones and other items that had been collected by his dad. Our goal has been to transform the yard into a beautiful extended living space, where the kids can have fun and where we can relax all summer long right into the cool fall evenings.

Here are a few snap shots of my wonderful Spring day . . .

I have also been working on my new designs for Verona Collections. Things have been slowly coming along, but they are coming along. I'm really hoping by summer and into fall, that I can participate in more events and re-surface with a great collection.

Thanks for stoping by my blog. Till next time, I hope that you enjoy your Springtime!


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