Friday, March 2, 2012

Closet Makeover

As part of my ongoing mission to organize not only my work, but also my home, I have been tackling a different project each weekend. I have to say however, that I have not gotten as far along as I had hoped, but the progress is steady.

My front hall closet was a complete disaster. It would get cleaned up and before long would turn into an impenetrable mound. Getting to the back of the closet was impossible and it was clear that something had to happen fast!

With the help of my husband Don, I was able to move the shelf and rod to the back of the closet. My husband had to re-cut the shelf and rod and smooth the edges. We then repaired the holes in the wall from where the shelf had been previously mounted and decided to freshen up the space with a fresh coat of paint. The entire project took most of the afternoon and into the evening. The next day the walls were nice and dry and things were put in place. I removed some items, keeping only what was needed in the space and donated other items to the local "Value Village." I added some baskets that I already had, and separated hats, gloves and scarves. I also added a newly recovered chair to the space (the sister to this one).

After preparing the walls we started added a fresh coat of paint.

The new layout of the closet has been great. It is easy to access things and a much better use of the space. An added bonus has been that my son Matt can also help himself in the morning and is able to but away his winter gab when he gets home without assistance (big time saver). My husband and I are currently working on the laundry room (Phase I), and I'll be sure to share the pictures when it is done.

This pass Wednesday I did my Crafted Spaces Radio show and discussed some great ways and resources on getting organized - "Organizing Your Creative Space." Getting more organized has been something I have been building on over the pass year. With two young children and two businesses to manage, I find it crucial (for my sanity) to keep things organized and to have a place for everything. I am also on a mission to reduce the things I have to deal with, hopefully resulting in less stress, higher productivity and more time with my family. I hope my little journey to a less drama filled, clutter free life will inspire you to make the changes you have been hoping to make as well.

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