Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shop Sale!

I have had a shop on Etsy since August 2010; however, I have not used many of the tools suggested for driving traffic or sales. A huge part of it has been about me learning more about the forum and understanding the economics of having to repost an item several times to get it noticed. The added cost of reposting an item several times along with other factors, made it seem a bit much. There has been changes made to the forum since I signed-up and I hope to utilize some of the many tools available this year.

Long story short and without all the boring details, I have finally decided how I will like to use my Etsy shop. This spring I will be adding some new designs to the shop and will make some other changes which I think will make a difference in the results. Some of the designs I have listed will no longer be part of my collection and I have therefore decided to have a SALE on my existing in-stock pieces. I'm still in the process of deciding which pieces I will continue to create and will love your feedback.

You will receive 30% off your purchase. Sale ends on February 29th, 2012.

Thank you!

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