Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stepping Forward

Last year, I did not use this blog as I had originally intended. However, I hope to post more this year and share the development of my designs. I have also decided to use this blog to share more about my life and the everyday things that inspire me. I hope that I can encourage others to explore their creativity.

I spent most of 2011 focused on Crafted Spaces and developing Crafted Spaces Radio, as well as some great sewing classes and workshops. Crafted Spaces started out as a project, and is now a developing business. I am very happy with where it is going and all the amazing support I have received from so many talented and creative people. This new venture has provided me with a great outlet for my teaching and craft projects, and has also allowed me to connect with others in the design and craft community.

However, for 2012 I will like to put some much needed focus back on Verona Collections and my designs. The time I have spent working on Crafted Spaces, have provided me with an opportunity to think about the direction I will like to take Verona Collections. I have been sitting on a number of ideas and I think that this year is a great time to step forward.

I'm in the process of designing a new website and developing my collection for spring 2012. I'm excited and driven, but most importantly focused on what comes next. Having a second baby after so many years is a lot more challenging than I originally thought. Miles is an adventurous child and can get into anything that is not bolted. Therefore, I have been working at finding new ways of reworking my studio to make room for two businesses and have him close while I work.

To start off the year, I have decided to start with getting super organized. Things can get very cluttered, and then that feeling of being overwhelmed creeps in and takes over. So I have started my year by reorganizing some critical parts of my home and studio. Also on my list was to reupholster a pair of chairs that needed love. I used the steps in the diy project on the Crafted Spaces blog to redo the seats.

I had some fabric that I purchased last year that I though was very beautiful, but really did not have a clear plan for when I got it. I was just happy when I received my package of Anna Maria Horner print from her "Innocent Crush" collection in the mail, from Moona Fabrics on Etsy. It was my first Etsy purchase and I was very happy. I love the colours and I think it brightens things up a bit.

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